• Candidate Applications

    The following St. Helena Community Members submitted applications by the October 11, 2021, 4:00 PM deadline.  Please click the candidate's name to view the application

    Amy Barak

    Susan Calkin

    Michael Honig - Application Withdrawn

    Shawn Moura

    Laura Symon



    Board Member Vacancy

    On September 9, 2021, Forrest Minter resigned his position as Trustee of the St. Helena Unified School District effective September 17, 2021.  According to California Education Code Sections 5091, the Governing Board has 60 calendar days from the effective date of Member Minter's resignation to fill this vacancy or order an election.  In the event that the Board fails to make a provisional appointment or order an election, the County Superintendent of Schools shall order an election to fill the vacancy.  In the event that the Board makes a provisional appointment, it must post notices of the appointment and publish it in a newspaper of general circulation in the District within 10 days.  Within 30 days of the appointment, registered voters may file a petition for a special election with the County Superintendent of Schools in the manner specified in Education Code section 5091(c).

     At the September 16, 2021, Regular Board Meeting, the Governing Board voted unanimously to fill the vacancy through a provisional appointment process and adopted the attached timeline. 

    Provisional Appointment Timeline