Things Every Student Should Know

  • RLS Middle School 
    Students, Parents and Staff 
    As a student, I am responsible to:

    •    Believe I can learn.

    •    Respect the school, staff, students, and families.

    •    Be in each class on time and attend school daily.

    •    Arrive at school with appropriate materials and ready to work.

    •    Get adequate sleep and proper nutrition.

    •    Seek information regarding my academic progress.

    •    Complete all learning tasks and assignments.

    •    Utilize a study area at home.

    •    Limit my television viewing and electronic entertainment.

    •    Follow the school rules and dress code.

    •    Refrain from using a cell phone/device on campus any time during the school day.


    As a parent, I am responsible to:
    • Believe my child can learn.
    • Ensure that my child gets adequate sleep, regular medical attention and proper nutrition.
    • Support my son/daughter by ensuring that he/she attends school daily and arrives at school on time.
    • Seek information regarding my son’s/daughter’s progress by conferring with teachers, principals, counselors, and other school personnel.
    • Participate at school in activities such as parent meetings, school decision making, volunteering and/or attending parent-teacher conferences.
    • Provide a quiet time and place for homework, as well as monitor television viewing, limit electronic entertainment activities and monitor extra-curricularactivities’ impact on school.
    • Support the school in developing positive behaviors in my child.
    • Support the school’s discipline and dress code.
    • Respect the school, staff, students and families.


    As school staff, we are responsible to:
    • Believe all students can learn.
    • Participate in school activities.
    • Use a variety of methods and tools to teach.
    • Provide clear expectations for academic achievement.
    • Encourage daily attendance at school.
    • Enforce and be consistent with school policy.
    • Show students respect through actions and words.
    • Keep the classroom, school office and school grounds clean and organized.
    • Hold students accountable for their actions and words.
    • Give timely and accurate feedback on student class-work.
    • Maintain communication with parents.