Enrollment and Residency Policy

  • In order to attend a St. Helena Unified School, a student must reside within established attendance boundaries. The residence of a minor child is presumed to be the legal, primary residence of the parent(s) or guardians who have physical custody of the child.  “Residence” is the primary place where a person lives permanently, not temporarily.  Because residency can change for students and their families during the course of the academic year, SHUSD may continue to verify residency after the beginning of the school year. SHUSD may also act upon anonymous tips it receives to conduct a residency verification investigation.



    Before any student is assigned to attend a St. Helena Unified School or any time an address is changed once enrolled, his/her parent or legal guardian must provide documents from the following two categories (a total of four items must be submitted):

    CATEGORY 1:  One of the following documents with the parent/guardian name and address:

    • Current mortgage payment dated within the past 60 days or real estate documents indicating and verifying a change of residence (e.g., sale and purchase)
    • State or Federal Tax Return filed within the past 12 months
    • Property Tax Bill with parent’s name and property address indicating home owner’s exemption
    • Management Company Rental/Lease Agreement; agreement must include parent’s name, student’s name, address, manager’s/owner’s name and phone number (this may be verified by a phone call or visit)


    CATEGORY 2:  Three of the following original documents with parent/guardian name and address (items cannot be from the same bullet):

    • W-2 form dated within the past year
    • Payroll stub/check dated within the last month
    • A government I.D. or communication from a government agency (e.g., voter registration)
    • Current PG& E, cable, water, cell or garbage bill dated within the past 60 days
    • Bank or credit card statement dated within the last 60 days
    • Valid vehicle registration with current address
    • Current Driver’s License or State Identification Card (it is a felony to falsify information on a driver’s license with intent to fraud)