Student Services Support

  • St. Helena Primary School offers a range of support services beyond the classroom to promote the academic and personal growth of our students.


    Many classroom teachers provide tutoring during periods of the school year.  The Upvalley Family Center has provided tutoring services as well.


    All students at St. Helena Primary School have access to computers in the Library Media Center. In the classroom, all students have an iPad to access online resources and curriculum.  


    Our teachers have finished lessons on identifying emotions and are ready to move on to teaching students how to regulate their “uncomfortable” emotions. This skill falls under the CASEL Core Competency of Self-Management. In addition to these lessons, students will have access to items and/or activities that will help them calm down when they are experiencing these intense, uncomfortable emotions.


    A new addition to our SEL program this year will be the utilization of Rainbow Kits in our TK-1st grade classrooms. These kits consist of activities where students learn about positive social identities and different types of families. They also help students learn how to respect diversity and create deep, caring human connections. As always, if you’d like to know more about our SEL program at SHPS, feel free to reach out to Dana Sabin at