Meals Kits During Distanced Learning

  • Breakfast and Lunch will look different right now in the distance learning model, but we are prepared to serve favorite meals and introduce new ones as the school year progresses and in-person instruction is allowed.  To begin, our food service program will serve grab n' go breakfast and lunch meal kits Mondays (2 days of meals) and Wednesdays (3 days of meals) at two sites, St. Helena Elementary and St. Helena High School.  All primary and elementary students will pick-up meals at St. Helena Elementary near Boys and Girls Club and all RLS and high school students will pick up meals at St. Helena High School in front of Vintage Hall.  All meals will be available from 8-9:30 am or 12-1 pm at both sites.  Meal cards must be presented to pick up meals.  


    Breakfast is a nutritionally balanced meal which includes food items such as whole grains and/or protein foods, fruit, and milk.

    Meals Commonly Served:

    Sausage & cheese on English Muffin, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Muffin, Cheese Stick, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Scone, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Concha, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Waffles or French Toast, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Cereal & nutrition bar, Fruit/juice, Milk

    Bagel w/cream cheese, Fruit/juice, Milk



    Lunch is a nutritionally balanced meal which includes five food components such as meat/protein, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk.

    Meals Commonly Served:

    Chicken Burger, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Sunbutter or Wowbutter Sandwich, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Chile & Cheese Tamale, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Beef Hot Dog, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Bean & Cheese Burrito, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Corn Dog, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Bean & Cheese Pupusa, Fruit, Curtido, Milk

    Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Local Beef Hamburger, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk

    Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk