• The National School Lunch Program has frequently been in the media about the nutritional adequacy of the food being served.  Childhood obesity is a growing concern in our nation and we are focused on offering our students well balanced, nutritionally adequate meals.

    SHUSD Food Service Staff are working daily to offer and provide breakfast and lunch to our students.  We are required to meet USDA standards but we also go beyond those standards to provide the best meals possible within the limits of our budget and facilities.

    We currently use a nutrient analysis computer system to create menus that meet the standards for all necessary nutrients for the age of our students.   All our foods including snacks, meet the USDA meal pattern and nutritional quality requirements for calories, saturated fat, sodium, and whole grain.  The meal components offered in required portions according to grade level are meat/meat alternative, grains, fruit, vegetable, and milk.  At least four meal components are offered at breakfast and five components are offered at lunch.

    Healthy Offerings:

    • Home-made breakfast items such as egg burritos, muffins, breakfast crisp
    • Many home-made meals (i.e. carnitas tacos, enchiladas, bolognese pasta, pizza, soups, fresh salads, and more)
    • Vegetarian entrée available daily
    • Home-made dressings, salsa, and sauces
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables served daily
    • Salad bars include a wide variety of vegetables, toppings, and dressings
    • Hormone and antibiotic free 1% or fat-free milk and/or water served daily
    • Whole grain breads, cereals, and snacks
    • Local produce and other food locally purchased whenever possible

    Harvest of the Month:

    Each month our menus feature and introduce a fact and useful information about a healthy, seasonal fruit or vegetable.

    Offer vs. Serve:

    Our meals are served using the “Offer vs. Serve” method in all of our schools.  This means students need to take a minimum of three food items or components of all items offered for a meal.  One of the food items or components must be a fruit or vegetable.  We encourage the students to eat what they choose.  Students can take all the food components offered at the meal if desired.

    Nutrition Education:

    Along with offering and feeding our students, it is also our responsibility to educate students and staff about good eating practices.  Through ongoing programs and our district wellness policy, we are ensuring our students and staff are provided healthy choices in the cafeteria and are knowledgeable about nutrition and the choices they make.