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    Saint Helena Unified School District
    May 28, 2020
    Covid-19 Update


    Facilities Use

    Napa County is currently in “Phase II” for reopening parts of the local economy.  While “Phase II” allows some businesses and essential functions to open with restrictions and guidelines, all SHUSD facilities remain closed for outside use until further notice due to the district’s priority focus on developing a 2020-21 school reopening plan for students.


    The district will consider requests for special use on a case-by-case basis that align with the district’s educational goals and/or or serves an essential function to the community in the battle against the virus and its ancillary effects. Examples of special use include:  Food distribution, health screening, blood drives, and other emergency response efforts.

    Joe Perez
    Director of Faciities and Aquatics 



    Guidance for Recreational Health Facilities During a Shelter at Home Order

    As of March 27, 2020


    Under the Shelter at Home Order issued for Napa County on March 18, 2020, non-essential businesses shall cease operation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The use of public pools and spas for recreation is considered non-essential under the Shelter at Home Order. For questions regarding maintenance or operation of public pools in Napa County, contact the Napa County Division of Environmental Health at (707) 253-4417.


    Public Pool and Spa Operation

    • Pool facilities holding a permit from the Division of Environmental Health shall be closed to the public, unless they operate as part of a healthcare facility. EXCEPTION: a medical therapy pool which is part of a healthcare facility may continue to operate.
    • Pool facilities shall be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the pool.
    • Pool operators and maintenance personnel are essential to maintaining the sanitation of the pool and may enter the pool facility for service. If more than one employee is onsite, employees shall maintain proper social distancing.
    • Do not drain the pool, especially in areas with a high water table.
    • Operate the filtration and circulation systems as often as necessary to maintain the pool water clean and clear.
    • Maintain the pool water balanced (pH and free chlorine) to prevent mosquito breeding and the formation of biofilm, mold and algae.